Please note that Majestic Colours Painting services does not provide over-the-telephone quotes or approximations.

Our quotation process:

After a an initial telephone conversation where we gather some information, we then arrange for an on-site visit. 

We then provide accurate quotes after a thorough on-site assessment and discussion of needs and expectation with the client. This free no-obligation written quote will then be given on the spot or sent via an email depending on the situation.

Please be informed that every home, office or space is unique. The nature and amount of preparatory work followed by the painting process for each project will vary according to several parameters such as existing colours, new paint colour chosen, number of coats, condition of surfaces, number of doors, caulking requirements, heights of walls, hard to reach areas and age of home… to name but a few. This therefore necessitates an on-site consultation where all those who will have an input to the project be present so that we can better align everyone’s expectations to ultimately give you a superior job.