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Do you paint homes, commercial spaces, condominiums, apartments and basements?
Yes we do
Do you do new parking space Line Striping and Re-striping of faded or worn out lines and markers on small, medium and large sized parking lots?

Yes we do all commercial parking lots, recreational areas, playgrounds, sporting grounds, small, mid and large sized plazas and churches, mosques and all other temples of all backgrounds. We do surface preparation, measurements and then spray paint the lines, symbols and markers as per provided colours.

Do you work outside Milton?
Yes we do
Do you provide free estimates or quotes?
Yes we provide free estimates and quotes
Do you provide estimates over the phone or text?
We prefer not to but only after job site visit
Are you insured and have a Licence with WSIB coverage
Yes we are insured with WSIB and have a MBL with Government of Ontario
How soon can you do my job?
As soon as we can talk and discuss the scope and expectations
How long does it take to paint a home?
It can take a few days to over a week depending on size and complexity of job
How many painters needed to do my job?
We have 7 painters but only use 2 to 3 at any one time depending on the size and urgency of the job
What paint brand type do you use?
We use all top of the line paints. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Dulux, Valspor, Behr, or Sico
Will you be caulking my interior or exterior?
Yes we could depending on our agreement
What preparations will be administered?
All necessary prep required and safety as per our agreement and discussion
What is included with my paint warranty?
There is a lot involved. It is best when I show the warranty in writing for better communication
How do I get an estimate?
That’s easy – simply visit our contact us page and get in touch. We’ll come and visit you and provide a proper, written estimate and timing plan.
Once the painting is complete, how long is it before a room is useable?
Paint can feel dry after about 24 hours, and you can then replace the furniture. However, it can take up to two weeks to fully set, so be careful to start with
What is your availability like?
We can inform you of that once we have a discussion as every month is different. We will do our best to do your project in the time frame you require but it depends on many factors and we cannot make any promises until we talk.
Where are you based and how far do you come out?
We are based in Milton but can travel to about 25km radius or further depending on a case by case project
How quickly can you provide a quote?
We usually provide a written quote as soon as we meet and we can arrange a meeting reasonably quickly depending on how busy we are. Sometimes the same day or in a few days.
How is your pricing and are you expensive?
We charge based on the paint package you choose and your expectations and based on the scope of the project. We do not compare ourselves and neither are we your average professional as we have very high standards and credentials. You can visit our website and or give me a call. We are not the cheapest. With all respect you get what you pay for.
Do you work by yourself or have a team?
I can work by myself or work with a team depending on the size of the project. All my painters have many many years of experience and are great to work with.
Do I need to buy the paint?
We prefer using only the top of the line paints to assure our quality. However you are welcome to buy your own.
Do you move furniture?
We do not move furniture due to the sensitivity of them to break. We may do so at an extra charge with conditions all laid out in writing. Usually customers move or center their furniture.
Do you do wallpaper installation?
Yes, we do.
Do we need to move out while painting is going on?
It is a good idea to do so but not binding.
What services do you offer?

Please visit my website majesticcolours.com we do interior/exterior painting residential and commercial. Wallpaper and popcorn ceiling removal. We also paint (refinish) kitchen cabinets.


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