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Does your home feel boring these days? A new coat of paint can transform the space from ho-hum to HAUTE! At Majestic Colours Painting Services, we know that preparation and attention to detail, combined with professional colour design skills, make for an extraordinary paint job. In today’s blog, we will walk through the process that an owner should expect when hiring a home painter—custom house painting in action!

Planning and Preparation: The Key to Success

Well, before you pick up a paintbrush, our team is already hard at work. We will consult with you to get a feel for your style and preferences and make sure we understand your lifestyle needs. Next, we will talk about colour schemes, finishes, and any other requirements you may have.

Are there extra-long doorjambs that need very careful attention? Is the sill too mould-affected to salvage? We will make sure we incorporate those details in the painting plan and discuss it with you along the way. This phase could involve everything from repairing drywall to sanding, caulking, and priming as needed.

Choosing the Perfect Palette

What on earth is custom house painting in action? Choosing the colour palette is usually the hardest and the most exciting step. Our colour consultants will help you sort through the options—from how the colour reacts to different kinds of natural lighting to how office life will look in your new environment to the vibe you want to create and the furniture that will be in the space. Our experts will urge you to venture beyond the Beiges and Greys into bolder, more boisterous choices—do not be shy and shed all inhibitions!

The Art of Application

After we masterplan the work with you and prep all your surfaces, we will carefully apply each coat using premium-quality paints and equipment. We take pride in a smooth, even finish that lasts. Our staff has honed application skills from traditional brush and roller techniques to advanced spray for important surfaces or special finishes. And we will do all we can to protect your home, furniture, and floors from any accidental damage.

Attention to Detail: The Majestic Colours Difference

Majestic Colours Painting Services is different from other companies because we pay special attention to detail. When it comes to custom house painting in action, we recognize the value of proper cut-in: around edges, trim, corners, and other tight spaces can draw your eye, and if you have nice crisp lines, that makes those spaces look more professional. With us, you can experiment with texture and finish, from distressed and glazed to faux and anything in between.

The Finishing Touches

Our team will then complete a detailed clean-up. You will not find a single splatter or paint-littered area anywhere! A final walk-through will then take place with you, and we will assess and complete to our satisfaction any issues that need addressing (such as touch-ups), as well as give you a few maintenance hints and tips to keep all painted surfaces sparkling for many years to come.

We recognize a custom painting project can add a whole new personal dimension to your living space (not simply changing décor), and as such, we take pride in all the details—from without and within. Call Majestic Colours Painting Services now to learn about custom house painting in action!


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