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As your children leave for college and begin their own lives, you’re left with quite a bit of empty space and maybe a little bit of a drab vibe. At Majestic Colours Painting Services, we have the very best painters in Brampton working for our company. Follow us as we go over the best indoor and outdoor hue suggestions while embarking on the ultimate colourful experience to transform your empty nest.


The Serene Sanctuary

With fewer people in your home now, you have an opportunity to go to the soothing end of the colour spectrum, creating spaces that inspire rest and restoration. Choose muted tones for your living room and bedrooms, such as sage green, soft grey, and calming blues.

The Vibrant Heart

Calmness is crucial, but a dose of vibrancy brings liveliness and mirth into the house. For cooking areas or dining rooms, select shades that vibrate with warmth: terracotta or mustard yellow in the kitchen, say, or purple for an inviting dining corner.

The Artistic Haven

With the very best painters in Brampton being more than happy to help, now you’re free to recapture your enthusiasm for artistic creativity. Use the walls in a spare room to create a studio. A soft, muted palette of creamy whites, pale greys, or other analogous colours will lend a painterly quality that makes the artwork seem like the star of the show.


The Lush Retreat

Your backyard is your world, so what better hue than lush, fresh green to accent the towering trees and wispy ferns? Coat your fences, trellises, or garden shed in shades of deep forest greens or creamy sage tones, and you’ll be at one with nature.

The Radiant Patio

At sunset, invite friends and family to gather around the patio and enjoy some great, dusky colours and soft lighting. Rich terracotta, rust, or deep ochre tones will create a cozy and elegant outdoor setting to enjoy a barbecue or some star-spotting.

The Welcoming Entrance

After all, it’s what your home says to visitors and neighbours as they explore your property from the street. Choose a soft grey or brown exterior shade, depending on which coordinates best with the dominant colours of your surroundings. Then give yourself a rest by picking something timeless for your front door: deep navy, charcoal grey, or glossy plum with a crisp white trim or some soft accents to match your siding, such as muted blues or greens. Do not hesitate to reach out to the very best painters in Brampton if you require any assistance in colour selection.

Embracing the Empty Nest Journey

With your home driving the opportunity for growth, wisdom, and joy that comes from empty nesting, repaint your home with the colours that reflect your new lifestyle. At Majestic Colours Painting Services, we understand that colour is a transformative tool, and we work to deliver a living environment that radiates with your evolving life story.

Our professional team will be your guide through all the work steps, from the initial consultation to the negotiation of terms of reference, schedule, and budget, to starting work and finishing the job according to professional technologies and the use of premium paints. What we offer is a flawless finish that is resistant to any kind of deformation after being covered by any type of paint. Make your transition to the empty nest a thrilling experience, and let us help you choose the right colour selection! Call Majestic Colours Painting Services now to schedule a consultation with the very best painters in Brampton!


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